I'm Back Baby!

So I'm relaunching my lifestream blog. I h-word (thanks Cheeks!) social so this isn't for anyone except me, myself and I. My Christmas present are these Ray-Ban Meta Wayfairer which bring back the Google Glass style first person camera.

I stopped posting almost exactly 5 years ago in 2018, but will be slowly back-filling significant events on throwback Thursdays (but with back dates) while capturing events in realtime.

Happy birthday Dad! You’re always the most happy, positive, patient and caring person in the room and it’s so great that you take a break to let us celebrate you on your bday. Thanks for always being so selfless and putting us first, for being such a great role model to me and for being the greatest Abu to Alexandra! We love you! (at Campbell, California)

Remembering this little chick who turned out to not be a chick. I tried my best to give you the best life imaginable, even fermenting your organic feed and giving you our scraps. I enjoyed my time with you and watching Alexandra chase you around the yard. Thank you for giving Alexandra fond childhood memories and most of all thank you for feeding my family. (at Campbell, California)


To my beautiful wife — you made me the happiest person in the world when you chose me 11 years ago. You made me the happiest person in the world again four years ago when you chose me forever.

It’s crazy to think about all we’ve gone through, the experiences we’ve shared and the places we’ve traveled. I truly feel that my life started the day I met you.

Thank you for your unconditional love, unwavering support and infectious positivity and joy.

Everyday with you is the best day of my life. (at Los Angeles, California)

My Granddad passed just over a week ago. I have had a really hard time dealing with this mainly because I kept on delaying flying out to see him for the past year. Now I won’t get to.

He was a special person and someone I loved talking to and hearing all sorts of stories. The following are some of the stories that I’ll tell my daughter about him when she’s older:

– That time when we were fishing together on the Goleta Pier and he asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I was 8, maybe 9 tops.
– Visiting him at his house in Paradise and being fascinated by his chickens. 30 years later I’m now a chicken person.
– Every time he told me how proud he was that I was the only other Republican in the family. I never had the heart to say otherwise.
– The time we had the “conversation” about whether guns were tools or weapons, then he taught me how to shoot.
– The time when he found out I was going to the Naval Academy and sent me his Bluejackets Manual from his enlisted days.
– The time he had chow with my squad at the Naval Academy during Army/Navy week (he served in Navy during the Korean War).
– The time that I took him sailing on my boat.
– The times we went camping.
– How he was the only person I would receive letters from and write letters to.
– How he would always tell me to cut my hair during my “Mowgli” days.
– The time that I called to tell him Nadia and I got engaged. He asked if she was pregnant. I said no, and he responded “well congratulations.”
– The time after he congratulated me on my engagement and said that Nadia should get me something for our engagement as well.
– The time that he held Alexandra for the first (and only) time. It was also the last time I saw and spoke to him.

Love you Granddad. You will be missed.

PSA: Go call or hug your grandparents or anyone special in your life…

Happy Mother’s Day to this incredible mama. Not only do you keep the world spinning for both me and Alex, but you make it look easy. Thank you for always being so warm, fun, easy going and hopelessly devoted to making our family the best version of ourselves. We love you! (at Swanton Berry Farm)

Fun in the sun. #alexandrabrooklyn

(at Cowell Beach)

Babies can logically reason even before they can talk

@nintendo Toy-Con Garage makes me want to get a Switch. This is easily the coolest, most versatile game/programming experience for kids.

Not sure this is an effective measure of a robot vs human in basketball. I’m all for computer vs human competition, but let’s make it fair. I’d like to see this robot play H-O-R-S-E and be able to make shots from any where on the court.

So glad that I can now learn Klingon and High Valyrian on @duolingo. It’ll be very useful next time I find myself in the Beta Quadrant or fighting a Dothraki horde.While I love the creativity here, I wish @duolingo would prioritize a languages like Arabic that is used by half a billion people. Empowering people of different backgrounds to communicate is how we create a better world. Not sure that Klingon, High Valyrian or Esperanto accomplish that.https://www.theverge.com/2018/3/15/17123836/duolingo-klingon-star-trek-learning-course-app-website-qapla

To my Two Valentines— you saved me. You showed me how to love, how to be unconditional, how to celebrate the every moment in life. Thank you for waking me up with a kiss every morning. Thank you for being a solid foundation every time I question myself. But most of all, thank you for making me a better husband and father each and every day. You both are my world. (at Campbell, California)

Amazing footage of the @spacex Iridium 4 launch last night from a @DJI Mavic Pro Drone above LA.

Happy birthday to the love of my life! I’ll never forget how enamored I was the first time I saw you and how smitten I felt the first time we kissed. 10 years later you continue to rock my world each and every day. Thank you for being a truly amazing wife to me and such a devoted mother to Alexandra. I love you…

: Amira Elgan — with Nadia G Elgan and Alexandra Brooklyn Elgan.