You became the center of my universe, the first time I saw you. You transformed my world, the first time I kissed you. 2 years ago, you married me and made me complete. And now we are having a baby, making us complete. Happy Anniversary pretty lady! (at Roma Piazza Di Spagna)

Children’s computer kit runs Amazon’s Alexa!Full disclosure: My son, +Kevin Elgan, recently joined the awesome San Francisco-based startup Piper, which makes an amazing $299 computer kit for kids. The kit uses Minecraft to teach kids how to build the computer itself, then use the computer they built to learn about electronics and programming. Piper is fun, but not a toy. It’s a real computer (based on Raspberry Pi). My son last night put Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant on a Piper computer. Check out the video![](

Hard to believe this was 5yrs ago today. (at Fethiye)

Most amazing #

with this beautiful #Mama Elgan. So happy we were able to have one last adventure before embarking on the ultimate adventure # becomes3 wearrived (at Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino International Airport)

Last sunset in Italy!

(at Piazza di Spagna Suites)

Sip down memory lane #

(at Rome, Italy)

Sad to say goodbye to Anacapri (emphasis on the Ana), but ready for a literal walk down memory lane (from 5yrs ago). #

(at Trastevere Roma, Italia)

Amazing dinner at this family restaurant in Anacapri. Best meal we’ve had in Italy. #

(at Anacapri, Capri)

at Isle Of Capri, Italy