I can’t believe that just over a year ago, you were born in our home. It’s been the most wonderful experience to watch you grow over the past year and I feel that I’ve grown alongside you.You’re just over a year and already toddling, you’ve traveled to 3 international countries and understand words in English, Arabic and Spanish. You’re the biggest little foodie ever and absolutely love sardines, sauerkraut and eggs.There’s so much that I love about the past year.I love how you wake us up with lots of sloppy kisses.I love how you rush to hug me whenever I cough or sneeze.I love how you step on my feet to walk around the house when you’re tired of walking but want to stand.I love how you sway your shoulders to tell me that you want to dance.I love your bubbly personality and sense of humor.Most of all, I love how happy you make your mama and me every single day. Happy birthday Cheeky!

Boston Dynamics Atlas robot doing box jumps and flipping out… Amazing.

Alexandra’s first Halloween


Hallow’s eve cocktail

This is the truth about parenting in a nutshell… or a pumpkin

When life gives you a

, why not put it on your head?!

Mornings with Alexandra #alexandrabrooklyn

(at Campbell, California)

Like father like daughter…

#thatsmygirl #alexandrabrooklyn (at Campbell, California)

My baby girl turns 10 months today which means she’s spent equal time inside and outside of the womb. It’s been transformative to watch her grow, learning new skills and making more sense of the world with each passing day. I feel that I’ve been growing in different ways along side her. She’s breastfed and eaten her way through NYC, learned to gives kisses in Amman, mastered crawling in Barcelona and discovered how to make adorable faces in Paris. Every day with her is the best day in life. I love you Cheeky! #alexandrabrooklyn

(at Eiffel Tower, Paris)

Como dice Celia… my English is not very good looking. #migente #mamichula (at SAP Center)

Love love love playing with my baby girl! (at Voyageur du Temps)

My baby girl has been such a trooper. Two weeks in Jordan

pushing through jet lag, an engagement party, wedding and now celebrating Eid for the first time. She even understands a few Arabic words. #alexandrabrooklyn (at Amman, Jordan)

Love Arabic coffee (at Amman, Jordan)

I’ve always been a big fan of Jim Carrey, but had a hard time when he would delve into dramatic parts and other “artsy” roles. But I must admit that he’s a very talented artist even if it takes his time away from another Ace Ventura sequel.

Booza (ice cream)! #alexandrabrooklyn

(at Amman, Jordan)

Baby partied out… (at Amman, Jordan)

Alex being the life of the middle eastern engagement party… #alexandrabrooklyn

(at Amman, Jordan)

My frequent flyer baby girl… #alexandrabrooklyn

(at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport)