Alexandra getting the swing of things!

Hanging out…

Papa daughter shenanigans! (at Campbell, California)

Lazy Sunday with Alexandra (at Campbell, California)

Love my girls…

There is no better person to show my daughter how to be a strong, driven, loving and ambitious woman than my wife @nadia_g_elgan. Let’s make everyday and celebrate all the women who keep the world turning. (at Planet Earth)

Bath time!

@playpiper @ CES (at CES)

Happy birthday to the person who inspires me everyday. 9 years ago we had our first kiss and just 1 week ago we had our first baby. Crazy to think how that kiss has transformed our lives for the better. I’ve always been amazed at the kind, sweet, loving person you are but blown away by the strength you showed having our baby at home and grateful to have you and Alexandra Brooklyn in my life. Everyday with you two feels like my life is peaking. I love you pretty lady! (at Campbell, California)

Love this overview of Piper. Really get a kick out of the fast-mode build shots…

at SAP Center

Dancing til the baby drops! (at SAP Center)

Sat down to build a @withpiper kit the other day. Here it is at 12x speed. […](